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As I'm getting all geared up for us to kick off this round next month, I wanted to drop by and leave this here for your perusal while you ponder some prompts!

Rules/Guildines )

Please pimp the fest! )

More info to come as we move through the events!

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to shoot me an email at rdfestmod@gmail.com!
- <3 [personal profile] fangqueen
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Posting for the first annual [livejournal.com profile] ron_draco_fest has officially begun! In celebration of the opening of the fest, and also as a lovely HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Ronald, we will be posting two stories today. The first has already been posted for your reading pleasure. Keep a look-out for an additional story later today.

Starting Monday, a new story, artwork, or fanmix will be posted every day Monday through Friday. Enjoy and don't forget to leave comments for our lovely creators!
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Hello shippers of taste!

It's one week since we opened claiming/sign-ups, so we just wanted to update you all on how it's going.

This is shaping up to be a very healthy, and very interesting fest! So far we have 22 participants, made up of a vibrant mix of newcomers, old hands and a couple of legendary names in R/D writing. There's a really interesting variety in the prompts each of them has signed up to fill, including own prompts and mod prompts as well as the donated prompts which are up for claiming.

Claiming stays open now until the due date for submissions, which is the 31st January, which means that if you want to see if your own plot bunny works out, then you can always get it written/drawn before committing yourself to anything. If you finish your fanwork early then send it to us and you can sign up to make another.

We think we've replied to everyone who has signed up so far, so if you haven't heard from us then please get in touch with us at rdfestmod at gmail.com.

Happy creating! Spread the word. We've got enough people for a great fest already, but more would be even more fun. Thanks for joining in!
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This is the moderating journal for the [livejournal.com profile] ron_draco_fest.


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